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Mission and Commitment

At DELYS Processy Inc,. quality is our mission. We pride ourselves on exceptional quality, from initial concept to final product. Our attention to detail is second to none.


We are committed to bring to you exactly the same tropical taste that you need. You won't only find what you need, you'll get the best quality at a fair price.

The authentic flavor and quality of our products are guaranteed by respecting traditional production methods and avoiding the use of food additives.

Browse our gallery of products and get in touch. We will be more than happy to serve you.

Exotic Snacks

Peanuts butter

Our exotic snacks are made from enriched wheat flour products and peanut products. They are cooked naturally, with no added additives and contain little fat.

The KRAKO products contain less fat. The flavors available are: KRAKO - Nature, KRAKO - Chocolate, KRAKO - Cinnamon and KRAKO - Honey.

Peanut products are BUNTY. They contain 80% less fat and no added sugars. The flavors available are: BUNTY - Plain, BUNTY - Chocolate, BUNTY - Ginger, BUNTY - Cinnamon

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits1.jpg

In order to maintain their authentic and natural taste, the fruits are dried without the addition of food additives.

You can choose between:
FUNFRESH Pineapple - Nature,

FUNFRESH Pineapple -Chocolate

FUNFRESH Pineapple - Cinnamon,
FUNFRESH Apple - Nature,

FUNFRESH Apple - Chocolate

FUNFRESH Apple - Cinnamon.

Frozen Foods

Frozen foods

These tropical dishes are rare in our region and their preparation is very often a difficult task. Thus, we put them at your disposal ready to cook or already cooked in frozen form. Our frozen foods are prepared in strict accordance with the traditional method, without any food additives.

Cooked frozen foods are:
BOBOLO (cassava stick / bread);
VEGGELY (Egusi sausage);
MALANGA (Cocoyam paste).

The ready-to-eat foods are:
KWAKOUKOU (grated malanga paste), served with white sauce;

KOKI (Beans cake), Served with Bobolo;

EGUSI (Egusi cake), Served with Bobolo;

BRAISED FISH, served with Bobolo.

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